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Chronic Migraine 30-06-2020

How lessons learned from EAN 2020 can develop scientific exchange in the future

The European Neurology Congress EAN was conducted entirely digital. How did it work to go to Congress virtually and what content was most interesting at EAN?

Chronic Migraine 16-06-2020

Don’t hold back your headache nurse

Migraine is a common disease, with significant burden. Despite this fact, undertreatment remains extensive. How can we build a solid health care chain in favor of access to treatment for those in need?

BOTOX® 03-06-2020

New way of working gave more patients access to treatme...

More patients, in the same time. This was the outcome of a completely new way of working at Sandvika Neurocenter in Norway. A project in cooperation with Allergan studied everything from assessment of patients to time for treatment and how staff moved around the room.

Chronic Migraine 22-05-2020

Important to distinguish between different types of aur...

In everyday speech, the term “eye migraine” is used for both retinal migraine and ordinary visual aura. However, while physicians specializing in migraines can recognise and diagnose visual aura based on established criteria, few have encountered the rare condition of retinal migraine. What are the differences? – During my 20 years as a specialist in...

BOTOX® 06-03-2020

2020 migraine and headache congresses

New year and new opportunities for scientific learning and exchange. Which are the European congresses for migraine and headache diseases 2020? We present the list.

BOTOX® and migraine

What type of migraine can be treated with BOTOX®?

Read more about BOTOX® as a treatment for migraine

Assess your patient's migraine with HIT-6

How are the patients affected by their disease?

Offer migraine test - HIT-6

How many patients have clinically relevant effect from treatment?

After 30 years of use, BOTOX® has more data and patient experience than any other botulinum toxin. And the development continues – in order to be able to meet both your expectations and needs and those of your patients.

More about the results from BOTOX®

The treatment applications for BOTOX® are diseases and conditions that significantly reduce the health and well-being of the patient. How can BOTOX® help them?

More about BOTOX®-treatments

Reduce the number of headache days for your patients


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